HMRC technical manuals move to platform

HMRC is planning to move its technical manuals to the web portal over the next few months, starting with the Employment Income Manual which will be used as a pilot to iron out issues before the migration of all manuals which cover around 80,000 pages of technical information for tax agents and employers.

HMRC says that the manuals will be reproduced in a format that is easier to search, browse, view and print. One of the features in the new manuals will be the ability for users to compare the current version of a manual with earlier versions so that changes between two versions can be identified.

‘We’ll share a public beta (pilot) version of the new service in coming months, showing our initial thoughts and the progress we’ve made,’ HMRC said in a posting on its tax agents blog. ‘You’ll also be able to give the development team direct feedback on the site – which will help us to check whether we’ve got the functionality right, and whether you find the service easy to use.’

HMRC will share the pilot version of the new service in coming months and will invite agents to provide feedback on the functionality of the service.

The service will be continually refined and improved throughout its development, and work to migrate the remaining manuals to will only begin after a period of extensive testing. This will take a number of months to complete, due to the size of the task – around 80,000 web pages.

More details are available here:

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