HMRC sets aside extra £10m in Brexit grants for exporters

The government is ploughing more money into grants for customs intermediaries and agents to help companies prepare for Brexit

The latest cash injection will see HMRC provide a further £10m in grants for customs agents and intermediaries to build capacity in managing customs declarations. This is in addition to the previously announced £21m rolled out over the last 10 months.

This follows criticism from businesses that not enough is being done by government to help companies prepare for Brexit, scheduled to take place on 31 October.

Last month’s £16m investment was designed to provide funding for training and IT costs for businesses that complete customs declarations.

The latest grant pot is open to businesses based in, or with a branch in, the UK, that currently complete customs declarations for importers and exporters. It can be used to support costs of hiring staff, including £3,000 for recruitment costs, and up to £10,000 for salary costs, to help build business capacity.

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2020. Those that applied for the first and second wave may apply again as part of this new wave of grants. PwC is administering the grants on behalf of HMRC and businesses must apply directly via PwC’s portal, Customs Grant Schemes

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