HMRC lobbied over electronic P60s

The Institute of Payroll Professionals is lobbying HM Revenue & Customs to permit P60s to be issued electronically to employees. The action follows research showing 90% of IPP members wanted a change in legislation. Fewer than 10% wanted no change. On the back of the poll, the IPP will continue to lobby HMRC to get the regulations altered, or for policy advisers to interpret the PAYE regulations as permitting electronic copies. Karen Thomson, associate director of policy, research and strategic visibility at the IPP, said: 'As many of the returns that payroll must submit to HMRC are already electronic, including P14s, there is no reason why P60s should not be issued in the same ways.' She added: 'A lot of employers already use online facilities for things such as e-payslips, so expanding this to P60s makes a lot of sense.' She said some of the benefits of permitting electronic P60s would be the time saved in printing and posting out P60s,employees would get their forms by the required deadline, and there would be cost savings associated with printing on paper. There would also be improvements in security as hard copies of P60s leave staff open to identity fraud.
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