Hammond in front of Treasury committee next week

Next week sees the first appearance by Chancellor Philip Hammond in front of the new Treasury ommittee, to be followed by a subsequent session when Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, will be facing MPs’ questions

Hammond is scheduled to appear at the committee session on Wednesday 11 October, along with Katharine Braddick, director general, financial services, at the Treasury.      

On Tuesday 17 October, the committee will be hearing evidence from Carney, and speaking to two new Bank of England appointees: Sir David Ramsden, deputy governor, markets and banking, and Silvana Tenreyro, who joins the monetary policy committee.

When the new committee was approved last month, it issued a broad outline of its future work, which includes scrutinising appointments to key posts in the Treasury's associated bodies, such as the Bank of England’s policy committees.

The committee said it is likely to inquire about transitional arrangements after the UK leaves the EU; to take evidence on the preparedness of banks and insurers for Brexit; to continue the work of the previous committee on the threats to the tax base and conclude its inquiry into Solvency II; and to ask questions about the treatment of customers in RBS’ global restructuring group.

Committee evidence sessions are available online: www.parliamentlive.tv 

Report by Pat Sweet

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