GOV.UK to run tax agents' website trial

HMRC is looking for agents to take part in user testing for the ongoing website transition to the new government portal,, which will replace the current HMRC website

Eventually, every page on the HMRC website will be redirected to either or the National Archive. These redirects should allow users to find the right content through bookmarks and direct links, so users have been advised to inform HMRC if links or redirects do not work.

Till Wirth of the Government Digital Service said: ‘The current formats have tested well with users but we’re always happy to iterate and improve

'Tagging content to the appropriate organisations, topics and policies is important as it provides users with the ability to navigate around the site and find related content.’

More details are available at

Diane Tan |Content manager - current awareness, CCH

Diane Tan is content manager, current awareness at CCH, Wolters Kluwer UK

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