George Bull

George Bull is senior tax partner and heads RSM's Professional Practices Group (formerly Baker Tilly)  and is primarily involved in providing leading-edge business and taxation advice to the legal profession. He is also a member of the Tax Working Party of the Association of Partnership Practitioners, LLP SORP Steering Committee, Practice Management Committee of the International Bar Association, Committee of the Solicitors’ Special Interest Group of the ICAEW.

Tax / Bull: what does a change of government mean for tax?

With Parliament fractured over Brexit, a general election and a potential change in government could follow. George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM considers the possible tax changes under a Jeremy Corbyn government

Tax / Post-Brexit VAT: refunds and MOSS compliance issues

George Bull, senior tax partner and Andy Ilsley, VAT director at RSM assess the latest no deal Brexit VAT guidance from HMRC and warns companies to act now to avoid missing VAT refunds and review MOSS compliance

Tax / Why the Beatles' legacy lives on in tax

As this week reveals the UK’s top taxpayers, George Bull and Andrew Hubbard at RSM, consider how attitude has switched over the years with the highest earners publicly stating how much tax they pay and the US proposing a super-tax on multi-millionaires   

Tax / Bull: national insurance u-turn saves self-employed £550 a year

The government's reversal on the proposed abolition of Class 2 national insurance contributions for the self-employed has been greeted with general dismay but it should be a cause for celebration, says George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM

Tax / Bull: are tax policy and populism pulling in opposite directions?

Announcing unexpected tax changes on Budget day without prior consultation will always be open to public opposition, as has been seen in the past with the majority of unwelcome taxes being abolished just days later, explains George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM

Tax / Bull: is HMRC’s Making Tax Digital pilot fit for purpose?

HMRC plans to start piloting Making Tax Digital from April needs to have the serious reach to really test out the limits of the new VAT reporting system to avoid a botched rollout in April 2019, says George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM

Tax / Bull: robots could increase UK corporation tax rate to 25%

If the threat of robots taking people’s jobs in the future proves true then corporation tax must increase to offset the impact of reduced tax revenues from income tax and national insurance contributions (NICs), explains George Bull, tax partner at RSM

Tax / Bull: UK tax base becoming too narrow

The country’s tax base is becoming too small and is causing yields to suffer, says RSM senior tax partner George Bull, who is calling for a rethink to help the public purse recover

Tax / Bull: Big HMRC is not necessarily better

The motives behind HMRC's modernisation project remain unclear and could risk damaging its service before it improves it, warns RSM senior tax partner George Bull   

Tax / Bull: the UK tax system post-Brexit

As the government begins the process of forming its roadmap to Brexit, RSM senior tax partner George Bull looks at what form the tax system will take on post-Brexit

Tax / Bull: tax transparency, CbC reporting and elephants

The introduction of country by country reporting for multinational businesses is meant to improve tax transparency and global momentum behind the move is growing, despite opposition, warns George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM

Tax / Google tax issue - an unnecessary distraction?

Grandstanding and bear-baiting over Google’s high-profile settlement with HMRC distracts everyone from the real issues and exposes MPs poor understanding of the practical application of tax laws enacted by parliament, says RSM senior tax partner, George Bull

Tax / HMRC’s digital roadmap – two sides to every story…

Ignoring the fact that the process of taxation will now be as digital as any other service taxpayers are used to in their domestic and professional lives is folly, but this doesn't mean it has to come at a compromising price, says George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM

Tax / Judge rules that HMRC is making illegal online filing demands

There's heightened concern that a number of apparently mandatory requirements for online tax return filing, imposed by HMRC, do not have the force of law. A recent tax tribunal decision on a £100 VAT return penalty now takes the debate to a whole new level, says George Bull, senior tax partner at Baker Tilly

Tax / Taxes for a purpose – can manifesto promises be trusted?

George Bull, senior tax partner at Baker Tilly takes issue with the raft of tax policies and unfunded goodies to entice voters based on last-minute tax grabs, arguing that earmarked - hypothecated - taxes like the mansion tax to fund the NHS and Libor fines to pay for apprentices do not make sense in the long-term