Further advice given for EU-funded non-profits

The government has issued more guidance to EU-funded non-profit programmes and charities on what they can expect if the UK leaves the bloc without a deal and how they can maintain continuity of funding under the Cabinet Office guarantee

The lack of a deal means that in many cases UK organisations would no longer receive funding from bodies like the European Regional Development Fund and Horizon 2020. This further guidance follows on from a written ministerial statement by the chief secretary of the Treasury, issued on 24 July 2018, under which the government guaranteed ‘funding for UK organisations in receipts of EU funds where projects are agreed before the day the UK leaves the EU’ designed to apply ‘in the event that the EU does not meet its financial obligations after EU exit’.

On the same day, the Chancellor assured organisations that ‘any funding they secure through EU programmes, from now until the end of 2020, will be guaranteed by the UK government even in a no deal scenario’.

This guarantee has now been expanded on to cover the full 2014-20 multiannual financial framework allocation for structural and investment funds, the payments of awards for UK organisations that bid successfully to the European Commission on a competitive basis during the interim (or where a successful bid is made to participate as a third country after Brexit), and the current level of common agricultural policy (CAP) funding until 2020.

This ultimately means that UK organisations and programmes will continue to receive funding over the lifetime of a project if the bid is completed before the end of 2020. Specific guidance is provided for recipients of the Erasmus+ project, Horizon 2020, the European Social Fund (ESF) and UK LIFE projects.

The Cabinet Office Grants Management Function has also provided a site that instructs UK recipients of EU direct bid funds how to submit information about projects eligible under the UK governments guarantee, in which 'Current UK recipients are invited to provide initial data about your projects on a webpage hosted on GOV.UK'. UK recipients will be required to fill in a pro-forma 'designed to ensure that the responsible department has information about projects and participants in order to deliver the underwrite guarantee if required'.

This site will remain open after the UK leaves the EU 'so that UK applicants can continue to register as and when they are informed that their bid has been successful'.

EU Direct Bid funds: UK recipient registration instructions is here

The government’s guarantee for EU-funded programmes if there is no Brexit deal is here

Report by James Bunney


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