The Friday interview

What was your first pay cheque? My first pay cheque as a trainee was for the grand sum of £303 per month. What did you spend it on? Not very exciting - used it to get Sky installed and to pay my mum back for my first work suit. Dining out or entertaining at home? Definitely dining out - much better than my cooking and saves on the tidying up too! Most expensive thing ever bought? Car - only just more expensive than the wedding! Best bargain ever had? Resort Card Membership of Carden Park - we have saved hundreds of pounds as a result of getting this. One luxury you're going without during the credit crunch? Time off - we have been extremely busy during 2009 which has been fantastic so this is the one luxury that I am going without! Best money-saving tip? Definitely the Resort Card from Carden Park! One thing you shouldn't buy but always do? Business books from WH Smith - on any business trip I can usually be found at the services in WH Smith buying another business book! Your favourite currency and why? Australian Dollars - that was where we went on honeymoon and any excuse to have to go back. Best way of spending money on a rainy day is Taking my wife to The Trafford Centre! - it's all indoors which means we stay there longer.
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