Free VaccTrak Lite tool launched to monitor employee vaccination status

As businesses begin to plan their transition out of lockdown and the vaccination programme gathers pace, BrightHR has released a free version of their VaccTrak tool

Reopening business premises and returning staff to the workplace carries risk. To help manage and mitigate these risks, BrightHR has built and released its free business support tool VaccTrak Lite to assist employers through this change, ensuring their employees, customers and business are protected throughout and remain safe as we move beyond Covid restrictions.

VaccTrak Lite, a free suite of online tools, allows employers to track the progress of coronavirus vaccinations in their business, speak to expert HR and health and safety advisers for free, access employee training materials on the available vaccines, download Covid secure policies and document templates, and provide their employees with a ‘VaccTrak Pass’ once vaccinated.

This powerful platform is designed to deliver maximum support to businesses at this critical time. It has been made available to all UK business owners by Manchester-based BrightHR, the global HR software and employment law advice firm.

With over half of all adults in the UK having received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, the vaccination rollout has been heralded as the 'beginning of the end' for restrictions caused by CovidD-19.

The rollout also offers employers the opportunity to bring employees back to the workplace safely and protect their customers and businesses. With news that the government is now considering making the Covid vaccine mandatory for care home staff to protect vulnerable residents, it is becoming increasingly vital that employers keep a record of which staff have had the jab.

To help all employers achieve this, VaccTrak Lite users get access to their own vaccination hub, which they can use to keep a secure record of employee vaccinations and download regular reports to track the progress of vaccinations in their business.

Reflecting government suggestions that individuals may be required to provide vaccine certification, the vaccine tracker also gives users access to VaccTrak passes. Users can issue these to their employees once they’ve been vaccinated and use them to build up trust and confidence in their workplace.

To increase vaccine uptake in the workforce, VaccTrak Lite also gives users access to a suite of e-learning tools. Users can share these with their staff to help educate them on the vaccination process and the benefits of receiving the vaccine.

Business owners also get access to complimentary HR and health and safety advice from qualified experts. The helpline is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, to assist employers in reopening their businesses safely.

Alan Price, CEO at BrightHR, said: ‘The wide-scale vaccine rollout is uncharted territory for employers and currently, many are confused as to what part they should play and how they can protect their workforce and customers as restrictions start to ease.

‘This is why BrightHR has created VaccTrak Lite. It's been a challenging year for business owners and through our brand-new tool, we want to assist them in reopening safely and making it easier for them to run their businesses.

‘We are already supporting over 5,000 businesses and 30,000 employees through our premium VaccTrak tool, and we hope free access will help many more.’

Victoria Duncan, central business administrator at Emerging Futures CIC, a non-profit organisation, uses VaccTrak regularly and said: ‘The VaccTrak feature has been really useful for us at EF. As a health and social care organisation still working with clients and in the community, it's been useful to be able to use VaccTrak to monitor which areas and teams are still at risk of catching Covid-19, and which are less at risk based on how many people have been vaccinated.

‘We have been passing the data onto our central management team and board to help us monitor the overall vaccination percentages in our organisation. We hope for a high percentage of staff to be vaccinated and will use the data from VaccTrak in our reports and on social media.’

To start protecting your employees and customers with BrightHR’s free VaccTrak Lite click here


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