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With the world of accountancy constantly changing, accountants must adapt to meet client needs. In an exclusive white paper download,  The New Accountant – Make & Take Opportunities In A Changing Market’, Exact provides information on automation, data insights and business models, among other issues

The world of accountancy is rapidly changing. Technology has transformed financial accounting into a commodity. Making it harder to hit your targets, grow your business and stay relevant. Your clients are looking for the support, advice & insight that adds value to their business. They don’t just want an accountant, they expect a proactive business partner to help them succeed.

Ambitious accountants however, take advantage of the rapid changes in Accountancy. Through online collaboration with clients in the cloud. And by translating the ever-increasing load of data into actionable insights. Because ultimately, the future of accountancy is not in bookkeeping and accounting. It’s in supporting your clients to make more powerful decisions.

The attached pdf white paper The New Accountant – Make & Take Opportunities In A Changing Markethelps you identify these new opportunities, methods and ways of working. It offers useful ideas on helping your clients streamline their processes, work more efficiently and make better business decisions.

The white paper includes information on:

  • New business models
  • Looking beyond traditional financial services
  • Automation
  • Integrated industry solutions
  • Data insights & dashboards

You’ll gain insight into delivering personalised strategic advice based not just on financial data but on all the data.

Power your decisions and download the pdf white paper here.

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