Free download: Managing legal without a legal team - effacts

Overcome the challenge of managing legal without an in-house legal team. In this exclusive factsheet download, Managing legal when you don’t have a legal team, effacts explores how technology can help CFOs identify areas of risk and boost legal accountability across the business. 

For companies that are growing quickly, keeping a close eye on margins often means keeping support staff as lean as possible. This means that many CFOs find themselves picking up the bits no one else in the company can take on, be it finance, IT, insurance and, of course, legal.

In such cases, CFOs need to equip themselves with a smart dashboard that provides them with the oversight of contracts and legal risks they require to assume a more strategic role and boost company-wide accountability.

Download our Managing legal when you don’t have a legal team factsheet to learn how effacts can help you:

  • ensure compliance with legal requirements and regulations, and mitigate risk across the business
  • establish governance on legal matters and find a structured way to collaborate with colleagues in different departments
  • provide accurate, insightful reports on the company’s legal matters – from contracts, claims, entities and more - to executives to inform strategic business decisions
  • empower your organisation to be responsible for the legal implications of their actions

Learn how you can stay in control of legal without increasing headcount. Download the factsheet here.

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