FRC survey on future of company reports

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is seeking stakeholders’ views on company reports as part of a major project on the future of corporate reporting, which is aimed at shaping and improving information for all users of corporate reports, so that they are more useful

The regulator has published an online survey which asks respondents about personal experience and expectations when seeking and using company information. The survey will take no more than 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

The FRC says respondents’ views will be taken into account in its project, which seeks to make recommendations for improvements to current regulation and practice and develop ‘blue sky’ thinking. A key aim of the project is to challenge the FRC to think more broadly in responding to the recommendation from the Kingman review of its operations to promote greater ‘brevity, comprehensibility and usefulness in corporate reporting’ moving forward. 

Sir Jon Thompson, chief executive of the FRC, said: ‘We are eager to hear from a broad range of stakeholders who have experience in using corporate reports. Ultimately, corporate reports need to better serve the needs of all who have an interest so we want those users to tell us how reporting should evolve to meet growing demands.’

The survey is open until 15 November. Summary results will be published alongside the Future of Corporate Reporting thought leadership paper in 2020.

The FRC survey

By Pat Sweet


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