Football salaries kick off at £4m

As the football season gathers pace, so do players’ earnings, with research showing the top earner from the England national side earns 96 times more than the average UK citizen, while team mates are ploughing an average of £3.8m into buying a house and splashing out an average of £142,000 on a car

The top earners among the England national team are Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, earning £9,735,785 from Tottenham Hotspur and £8,518,812 from Manchester City respectively.

Kane’s club teammate Dele Alli owns the most expensive car, a Rolls Royce worth £373, 471. However, the centre-right midfield player has one of the cheaper homes out of the Top 10 list, valued at just over £2m.

Despite Ashley Young having the smallest net worth from the Top 10 list, £6.23m, his house is the most expensive. With a price tag of over £12m, it is 40 times the property value of the average UK citizen.

The second most expensive house is owned by Phil Jones, right-defence for Manchester United. His home set him back £5m - almost twice his annual salary.

Compared to his net worth of almost £49m, John Stones from Manchester City has a fairly modest car. The centre defence player owns a Mini Cooper just double the price of a car owned by the average UK citizen.

The lowest paid star from the Top 10 is Marcus Rashford, earning £2,433,946 per annum.

Bondora’s analysis also includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and suggests England continues to have a tough fight against Continental teams. Germany’s Thomas Müller and Manuel Neue both have salaries of €15m (£13.4m), comfortably exceeding their English counterparts.

The lifestyle investments of football stars is here.

Report by Pat Sweet


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