Firms & HMRC recognised for diversity efforts

Three of the Big Four, along with HMRC have been ranked as some of the most inclusive UK organisations to work for, according to research by a charity promoting diversity in the workplace.

KPMG, Ernst & Young and PwC all made the top 10 in terms of private sector companies who promote both gender and race diversity, while the government's tax department was one of the top performing for encouraging equality in the public sector.

While the 10 highest performing from each sector are recognised; actual figures and ranking have not been publicly disclosed - though the participating organisations will receive a comprehensive summary of their individual performance in regard to issues of diversity.

Stephen Howard, chief executive of Business in the Community (BITC), believes that those who scored well 'demonstrated a clear strategic commitment to achieve equality'.

He said: 'They should be commended for attaining our industry respected mark. The survey is an invaluable tool for informing performance improvement, articulating achievements to stakeholders inside and outside the business and enhancing brand reputation.'

Detailed responses from 67 organisations in the public and private sector formed the results of the survey by not-for-profit group BITC, who work to improve diversity in the workplace,

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