Firms favour communication skills over technical knowledge

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has resulted in accounting firms prioritising human skills over technical knowledge when recruiting candidates, according to research from Reed Finance

Accountancy and finance businesses are prioritising employees with strong communication skillsets, as AI can be used to enhance technical and analytical skills.

In its research, Reed Finance found that oral comprehension (an understanding of what people are trying to say) and written comprehensio’ (understanding written ideas and information) are viewed as the most valued skills. This is in comparison to skills such as economics and accounting ad deductive reasoning which are ranked fourth and tenth respectively.

This is due to firms wanting to see employees take on leadership roles which entail not only technical expertise but also an ability to communicate with others and lead a team of individuals.

According to the research, human skills are prominent in successful candidates for roles such as management accounting.

Rob Russell, director at Reed Finance, said: ‘Businesses are in direct competition for employees that can bring human skills to the table, not just technical accounting and number crunching. The influx of AI in the workplace is helping to enhance the numerical skillsets within these teams, so there will be greater time for high-level creativity.

‘Companies want candidates that can communicate, secure business wins and manage teams so that they perform to the best of their ability. These changes to a more fluid, creative workplace are creating great opportunities for those within the finance sector.’

Report by Amy Austin

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