Financial Reporting Lab seeks feedback on future projects

The FRC’s Financial Reporting Lab is running an online survey into the effectiveness of corporate reporting, to identify the most important areas for future projects, including topics such as reporting on explanations of fair value, remuneration, revenue disclosures and risk

The short questionnaire will only take five minutes and asks for opinions on the effectiveness of current Lab projects that have already been completed, future direction of the Lab and effectiveness of its communications. It also asks for reasons why stakeholders do not get involved in Lab projects, with a view to encouraging more participants.

Feedback from the survey will shape future Lab projects. The last survey in 2017 contributed to the project plan over the two-year period, including reporting of performance metrics, an implementation study on business model reporting, and risk and viability reporting, as well as a project on climate and workforce reporting.

Complete the survey here

The survey is open to all stakeholders, including companies, investors and advisers who want to get involved in future Lab projects. The Lab team can be contacted at, and details of current projects are available here

Report by Sara White

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