Financial health podcast targets young accountants

Caba has launched a financial health podcast series for young accountants, covering debt, budgeting and how to get on top of their finances

The Cash Conversation, produced by accountants’ charity caba, which supports ICAEW and ACA students, will form part of a wider financial health campaign for young accountants, including online help content and tools from financial experts.

Each episode will focus on a different topic around the theme of financial health such as savings, budgeting and debt management.

The series, which was launched this week, will be hosted by Gabriel Nussbaum, who is a personal finance influencer with over 1.3m followers on TikTok.

Nussbaum, who is more commonly known as That Money Guy, will be joined each week by a caba expert and a special guest from across the accounting and financial services sector.

New episodes will be released at the same time every month, with confirmed guests already lined up including addiction specialist Dr Stefan Walters and popular financial content creator Devamsha Gunput.

Speaking about the new podcast, Nussbaum said: ‘Accountants aren’t personal finance experts, so it makes sense that they may need financial help from time to time. It’s time to flip the switch and help the young accountants to take back control of their personal finances.’

To support the launch of the podcast, caba has published a collection of online help articles and tools.

Christian Holmes, CEO of caba, said: ‘Our recent study found that young accountants are the most likely to worry about money, with almost half (49%) saying that they regularly experience anxiety around their financial security. Meanwhile, one in 10 (10%) are worried about debt.

‘Our mission at caba is to lighten this emotional burden by empowering young people with the knowledge they need to improve and maintain their financial health while continuing to provide a lifeline for those who need it most.

‘Our monthly podcast will tackle the most pressing issues and will offer plenty of expert tips and guidance. Meanwhile, our free online help content will give young accountants unrestricted access to the tools they need to take back control of their money.’

There are currently two episodes available to listen to via all major podcast platforms and The Cash Conversion hub on the caba website.

These include ‘How to save like a pro’ featuring well-being expert Paul Guess and financial journalist Iona Bain, and ‘What you need to know about debt’ featuring financial expert Paul Day and accountant Timothy Paul.

Max Austin |Reporter, Accountancy Daily 2022-23 

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