Finance Mole

Insight / Finance Mole: stepping up to the CFO role

In a surprise move, Finance Mole breaks with tradition and secures a challenging job at the top of the finance team

Insight / Finance Mole: recruitment hurdles in days of covid

Hiring a business analyst for the UK finance team is made more difficult when Finance Mole loses control of candidate selection when US-based corporate recruitment team takes the lead

Insight / Finance mole: well-lit cricketface brings applause

Our underground accountant reveals how the right video call lighting can increase credibility, even when playing online stick cricket while praising customer obsession

Insight / Finance Mole: how to dominate virtual training

Now well into lockdown, Finance Mole learns about the etiquette of online video meetings, discovering there can be an advantage to dropped internet connections

Insight / Finance Mole: learning to deal with lockdown

As the country refashions its way of working in the face of the covid-19 crisis, our favourite head of finance wryly recounts the first week under the new rather challenging, albeit sometimes amusing, home working regime

Insight / Finance Mole: finance team faces off over sales blockers

A chasm between finance and sales widens when process and efficiency disputes threaten to create an untenable blocker for Finance Mole  

Insight / Finance Mole: passionate about SAAS, surely not?

Finance Mole takes a few moments away from the balance sheet to play spot the LinkedIn profile, but is left dazed and confused by the experience

Insight / Finance Mole: getting off the train at the wrong station

Finance Mole takes a break from analysing year ends and succumbs to the Christmas malaise pervading the finance department

Insight / Finance Mole: office politics beats election hustings

With less than a week until the election, Finance Mole is keeping his head down, avoiding irritating political insights by focusing on the Christmas raffle

Insight / Finance Mole: thought leaders in the firing line

Fed up with time wasting thought leaders who have no defined role, Finance Mole longs for a hands-on CFO who will focus on the detail

Insight / Finance Mole: lost mobile leads to assignation with phone box

After a spate of senior resignations, Finance Mole heads to Italy to eye up an acquisition but runs into trouble when he loses his mobile and hits Brexit woes

Insight / Finance Mole: when the summer just has to end

After a two-week summer break, it is almost a pleasure for Finance Mole to get back to work and resume his days of wrangling with the numbers

Insight / Finance Mole: crystals won’t sort the debits and credits

A random conversation overheard in the newly instated relaxation room makes Finance Mole feel his age, but it does not deter him from the day job 

Insight / Finance Mole: what happens in Vegas

When Finance Mole is dragged out to Las Vegas for a team building event for his private equity investors, his musical ability fails to wow the crowd, but he does have a 20th floor pool view to compensate

Insight / Finance Mole: do you need to take a flight to get invoices paid?

Finance Mole heads to Italy to support the Head of Sales with debt collection and is surprised when he wins over some sceptical European colleagues when he promises to hassle head office for a new coffee machine