Finance Mole

Insight / Finance Mole: lost mobile leads to assignation with phone box

After a spate of senior resignations, Finance Mole heads to Italy to eye up an acquisition but runs into trouble when he loses his mobile and hits Brexit woes

Insight / Finance Mole: when the summer just has to end

After a two-week summer break, it is almost a pleasure for Finance Mole to get back to work and resume his days of wrangling with the numbers

Insight / Finance Mole: crystals won’t sort the debits and credits

A random conversation overheard in the newly instated relaxation room makes Finance Mole feel his age, but it does not deter him from the day job 

Insight / Finance Mole: what happens in Vegas

When Finance Mole is dragged out to Las Vegas for a team building event for his private equity investors, his musical ability fails to wow the crowd, but he does have a 20th floor pool view to compensate

Insight / Finance Mole: do you need to take a flight to get invoices paid?

Finance Mole heads to Italy to support the Head of Sales with debt collection and is surprised when he wins over some sceptical European colleagues when he promises to hassle head office for a new coffee machine

Insight / Finance Mole: no holes barred when CEO grills team

All change at the top of the organisation as Finance Mole faces a daunting meeting with the inbound CEO, but for once appears to survive another day, although the CFO may not be so lucky

Insight / Finance Mole: time for a good moustache?

When new private equity owners start setting recruitment parameters, Finance Mole faces a dilemma as the hiring criteria are wiping out potentially suitable candidates, leaving a damoclean choice

Insight / Finance Mole: trying to get the budget signed off

Finance Mole will not be outmanoeuvred by a pushy head of sales when transatlantic problems at head office delay the finalisation of the annual budget for yet another month, not to mention a credit control issue with Russia

Insight / Finance Mole: too much Glühwein on credit control trip

Finance Mole is forced to head to Frankfurt to flush out the cash when a recalcitrant customer fails to pay up with a tough-handed approach, but gets trapped in an un-magical Christmas market

Insight / Finance Mole: it’s something about pink

Finance Mole is duped by the Head of Sales when he is persuaded to don a pink wig for charity but gets his own back by clamping down on bad debtors at the monthly meeting

Insight / Finance Mole: outside your comfort zone

Finance Mole is cornered by the internal recruiter who sees no distinction between a lawyer and an accountant plus, announcement of Sacha Romanovitch’s departure at Grant Thornton, financial irregularities at Patisserie Valerie

Insight / Finance Mole: drinking is not the answer

Finance Mole faces a backlog of payment collections and is tempted by a crafty beverage on the home commute, stormy times for the cloud as Xero suffers network issues, Chancellor Philip Hammond makes a blunder in front of the Lord Economic Affairs Committee

Insight / Finance Mole: gallows humour order of the day

Finance Mole has to make the finance team take aptitude tests to satisfy the demands of private equity investors plus, Treasury’s sweet tooth, MP takes shot at audit regulator

Insight / Finance Mole: thumbs up for Summer Fridays

Finance Mole may be luxuriating in fancy air-conditioned office but summer working patterns are the real bonus plus, Treasury chucks out reams of draft legislation on a hot Friday afternoon, ICAEW member fights for a re-run of the Brexit referendum

Insight / Finance Mole: don’t take it personally

Finance Mole is unnerved when buyers from the other side of the pond start to take control out of his hands plus, Sir Philip Green fights back against the FRC's BHS audit fine, FRC has control taken away from it when an embargo is broken