FD salaries on the rise

The average salary for FTSE 100 directors is on the rise for 2009, but the number of those who stayed with the same company for the year dropped by 16%. A study by RTF Navigator, a reporting tool that examines detailed pay data for FTSE 100 and 250 executives, found that the average FD salary rose to £475,602 last year, up from £458,171 the previous year, but bonuses, benefits and pension packages dropped by 16%. In 2007-08, 94 of the FTSE 100 FDs stayed put for the entire financial year, but in 2008-09 the number of those remaining with the same company fell to 79. 'These are turbulent times for the FTSE 100 and good finance directors, the ones with mobile skills across industries are in demand,' said remuneration consultant and joint designer of the RTF Navigator Peter Newhouse. 'It's no surprise that staff turnover in this key position has increased dramatically.'
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