EXCLUSIVE: Hardman’s Tax Data offered free to Accountancy Daily readers

In a major enhancement to Accountancy Daily, Croner-i has made a further substantial investment in our news portal to give subscribers free exclusive access to Hardman’s Key Data, an unrivalled online service detailing all the essential tax data, updated in real time. Croner-i’s online Hardman’s Key Data service contains all the numerical and factual tax data needed regularly by tax, accounting and finance professionals

The decision to include Hardman’s Key Data marks a significant investment in the Accountancy Daily platform, providing an unparalleled offering to our audience. This follows a major relaunch of the website earlier this year and the subsequent decision to open up access to the site for all registered readers.

‘In May the business made the decision to give premium access to Accountancy Daily to a wider audience by making it free for all registered readers, this was accompanied by a major investment in to the platform to enhance the user experience, including ensuring it is mobile friendly – this gave complimentary access to daily news and technical articles, our exclusive CPD Tracker and a monthly eCPD module, all completely free, and accessible from anywhere’ said Ben Chaplin, managing director of Croner-i. 

‘The uptake was overwhelming, with thousands registering in the first couple of weeks, we had a very positive response from CFOs to finance directors, managing partners to tax managers and auditors, through to our important student audience. This was clearly a service that met their need.

‘Now we have decided to add Hardman’s Key Data to make Accountancy Daily an even stronger proposition. We took this decision as we wanted to show our long-term commitment to the profession and to support them at a very difficult time when businesses and practices are dealing with the fallout from the pandemic.’

This is represents an investments of well over quarter of a million pounds in development and subsidising these subscriptions, clearly a significant investment for the business.

‘The total package – combining Accountancy Daily and Hardman’s - would have cost up to £200 per user so this is a major commitment to our profession, offering totally free access to a mix of news, technical articles, exclusive surveys, CPD  tracker, eCPD modules and tax data is an unrivalled offering. Giving access free of charge is a strong signal of our long-term commitment to the accountancy profession; this investment will really make Accountancy Daily the ‘must visit’ site for all accountants and advisors,’ added Chaplin.

‘As a finance professional you now get all the latest tax rates and data at the touch of a button – it is a key tool for any finance professional. It is also mobile friendly so that wherever you are, you will be able to get your daily news, check the latest tax rates and complete your CPD using our monthly eCPD modules. This purely online offering is also an important part of our commitment to be an environmentally friendly and totally digital business.

‘As an accountant myself I really value Hardman’s and, like many of you, remember having my print copy on hand all the time. And the online service is even better as it is updated in real time, so information on the latest changes like the new social care levy is already available, within hours of being announced.

‘Hardman’s is also a gateway to all our other products and services – we are confident that everyone will love our content and will want to be part of Croner-i and stay with us for the long term. We will continue to invest across the board in services for the accountancy profession, whether working in business or practice, or for our students training to be the accountants of the future, everyone should have Accountancy Daily.’

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What you need to know about Hardman’s

Croner-i’s online Hardman’s Key Data service contains the numerical and factual data needed regularly by tax practitioners. Covering all UK taxes, it contains considerably more material than rival products and will help you cope with the pace of change in tax where important developments can occur on a daily basis. The recent announcement of the social care levy being a good example.

Like the rest of Croner-i’s core online services, Hardman’s is maintained by Croner-i’s in-house team of tax experts on a daily basis so you can be confident you are getting the latest information.

To assist in finding more detailed information, the service includes comprehensive links to the Croner-i In-Depth commentaries; the Direct Tax Reporter, Indirect Tax Reporter and Stamp Taxes Reporter and to the Red, Green and Purple online tax legislation databases.

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