EXCLUSIVE download: FTSE 350 / AIM 100 Auditors Survey

For the first time, Accountancy has produced an exclusive FTSE 350 and AIM 100 auditor supplement bringing together our exclusive FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and AIM 100 auditor surveys covering financial year ends 2016/17

Our exclusive analysis provides unique insight into the UK audits of listed companies, with analysis of audit fees, non-audit fees, tender activity and engagement tenures. These exclusive surveys are published three times a year in Accountancy magazine, providing an unrivalled overview of the listed audit market.

As part of this survey, read exclusive coverage of the first ever AIM 100 auditors survey covering the investment market and measuring the fee value of audit and non-audit services conducted. In contrast to the FTSE 350, where less than 3% of companies are audited by a non-Big Four firm, the AIM 100 is audited by 11 different audit firms.

Download your FREE 36-page FTSE 350 / AIM 100 Auditors Survey here

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