Didier Hémion CPA

Didier Hémion | Partner and director, international business services, Primexis

Didier Hémion, CPA, is partner and director of international business services (IBS) at Primexis and has more than 20  years’ experience in statutory audit and accounting.

He started his career with the audit firm PriceWaterhouse and joined  Primexis (CPS France at that time) as a director in 1997. Hemion managed statutory  audit assignments in various sectors (food trade, car industry,  supermarkets, printing industry, press, real estate, leisure parks) and  for industrial and service companies.

Under his management, the IBS department provides accounting  assistance to subsidiaries of significant French and international groups:  bookkeeping, reporting, accounting review, compilation of financial  statements and tax declarations. www.primexis.fr