Deloitte gender pay gap slow to close

Deloitte UK has published its 2019 gender pay gap data, indicating that progress towards parity is taking a while to achieve

This shows the Big Four firm’s mean pay gap is 18.7% (18.1% in 2018) and the median pay gap is 16.1%, the same as last year.

The firm’s median bonus gap is 35.1% (37.5% in 2018) and its mean bonus gap is 51.1% (52.3% in 2018).

Deloitte also published its equity partner earnings gap and total earnings gap, the latter taking into account earnings for the whole firm. The mean total earnings gap has reduced to 39.3% (from 41.1% in 2018) and the median total earnings gap is now 14.4% (from 14% in 2018).

Dimple Agarwal, managing partner for People & Purpose at Deloitte UK, said: ‘We continue to work hard to increase the number of female partners in our firm, and were pleased to promote 32 in June, our highest number ever.

‘However, we fully recognise there is no quick fix to reducing our pay gap until our gender balance action plan has been embedded across all parts of our business.’

In 2019 there was a three-fold increase in the number of women promoted to partner (41% of all partner promotions) and the highest ever proportion of women promoted to director (34%). Deloitte’s female representation at partner and director grade now stands at 21% and 30% respectively.

In 2012 Deloitte put in place an ambition that in 2020 25% of partners would be women, and Deloitte has since committed to a longer term aspiration of 40% by 2030.

Agarwal said: ‘Our focus now is creating the building blocks for the future. We’ve reviewed all our recruitment and promotion processes to minimise bias and we are promoting more women to partner, director and senior manager.

‘However, as new promotes start at the entry point of a salary range it will take a number of years to even out, which helps explain this year’s slight increase in our mean pay gap.’

Deloitte 2019 gender pay gap data is here

By Pat Sweet

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