Dawn Register

Dawn Register is tax dispute resolutions partner at BDO. She manages voluntary disclosures and resolves complex tax investigations. She also uses mediation to resolve disputes with HM Revenue & Customs. She specialises in UK personal tax and cross border issues. Her recent work has focused on changes in HMRC powers, information exchange and disclosure opportunities. She is a recognised expert on tax amnesties.

Tax / Tackling the £31bn tax gap: what’s next?

As HMRC reveals a shrinking tax gap, BDO’s Dawn Register and Tom Palmer investigate where and how the tax collector can find the missing billions, from a focus on offshore and the wealthy to those that simply do not pay

Tax / HMRC power grab as offshore time limits extended to 12 years

Dawn Register, partner in the tax dispute resolution team at BDO LLP considers the implications of the extension of the offshore time limit to 12 years and the increasing powers of HMRC as data from the Common Reporting Standard starts to flood in from global tax jurisdictions

Tax / Register: extended time limits gives HMRC too much power

The decision to extend the assessment time limit to 12 years gives too much power to HMRC with the tax authority already being handed a huge volume of data from the Common Reporting Standard , warns Dawn Register, partner in the tax resolution team at BDO

Tax / HMRC ups the ante with requirement to correct tax rule

HMRC is ramping up its counter avoidance activity with a mission to target wealthy taxpayers, tough requirement to correct rules and threats of more criminal action against taxpayers, warns Dawn Register, partner in BDO’s tax dispute resolution team

Tax / Register: tax limbo in a post-election world

In the days after the election and resulting hung parliament, tax issues will hardly be top of the agenda for the government, which will stoke uncertainty for tax advisers facing the impending introduction of Making Tax Digital and a raft of tax measures from loss relief to interest deduction only in draft form. Dawn Register, tax dispute resolution partner at BDO calls for swift action to create tax clarity for business

Tax / HMRC to shoot for STAR tax avoiders in 2017

HMRC is bolstering its already rich arsenal against tax avoidance with its ‘serial avoiders’ regime, including naming and shaming, set to come in from April 2017, explains BDO tax investigations partner Dawn Register