David Redfern

David Redfern

David Redfern is managing director at tax rebate specialist DSR Tax Claims. He is an experienced tax adviser, with particular emphasis on travel and subsistence rules, along with anti-money laundering procedure. He has extensive experience with clients in the construction industry. He founded DSR Tax Claims in 2016 and has a passion for bringing tax information to the general public. He is also global vice chair for the international tax practice group and a member of the global mobility solutions practice group of Geneva Group International.

Tax / Self assessment: what expenses can you claim when self-employed?

It is important to distinguish between business and personal expenses when completing annual self assessment tax returns. David Redfern, managing director of DSR Tax Claims, explains the categories of business expenses self-employed workers can use to offset tax liabilities

Tax / Tips and advice: self assessment tax returns

With one month until the self assessment deadline on 31 January, David Redfern, chief executive of DSR Tax Claims, sets out his top tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes when completing a tax return

Tax / Homeworkers: are your expenses being reimbursed correctly?

For the growing number of employers with homeworkers, it is important to ensure that expenses paid for the likes of home insurance and extra heating costs comply with tax rules to avoid an unwanted HMRC inspection. David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims, provides some key pointers

Tax / Using capital allowances for tax relief on business expenditure

Confusion and lack of knowledge about capital allowances discourages many business owners from using this essential tax relief worth up to £1m. David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims explains the qualifying criteria for the £1m annual investment allowance (AIA)

Tax / Do you have the right tax code?

David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims, explains how HMRC determines employees’ tax codes and calculates how much tax should be deducted from income

Tax / Deductible vs non-deductible business expenses

Expenses can be claimed as an allowable business expense but there are strict rules about which are allowed by HMRC. David Redfern, managing director of DSR Tax Claims, explains what can and cannot be claimed as an allowable expense

Tax / When is a temporary workplace not a temporary workplace for tax purposes?

Temporary workplace expense claims can be a challenge for employers when it comes to ensuring HMRC compliance with tax rules. David Redfern, managing director of DSR Tax Claims, examines potential pitfalls when  determining whether claims should be allowed