Croner-i launches Navigate Audit service

Croner-i has launched its brand new Navigate Audit service designed to simplify and support audit compliance with an improved PCAS suite with an easily tailored macro-free Excel tool linked to clear, comprehensive guidance

Navigate Audit is designed to help auditors improve the quality of their audits and ensure compliance with the latest audit rules.

Content is clearly organised by the type of entity being worked on, from private company to small company, charity, pension scheme, clubs or academy schools, and the type of resource needed.

Julia Bowyer FCA, head of audit and accounting content, said: ‘Navigate Audit provides everything needed for a particular type of audit or similar engagement, clearly organised by entity type and linked to guidance and standards, so auditors have full, accurate information to hand when working on each job.

‘Guidance videos and interactive decision trees to help auditors with complex areas and scope questions are also provided.’

A number of new area of content and tools have been created, and others refreshed, as part of the package, which are designed to make a real difference to auditors on a daily basis.

‘The Private Company Audit System (PCAS) tool has been redeveloped with a web-based tailoring questionnaire leading to a macro-free Excel file. This will enable greater editorial flexibility and efficiency when used by auditors, without the need for complex software,’ Bowyer explained.

‘There are detailed guidance notes and links to the standards and guidance within the tool itself, plus a new model audit file to highlight key areas and demonstrate best practice.’

Key features

Navigate Audit includes significant enhancements to current products, including:

  • a new macro-free version of the Private Company Audit System (PCAS) Private Company Audit System (PCAS) tool with tailoring via a web-based form, allowing more flexible editing within Excel;
  • a refreshed and updated Model Audit File, with guidance videos and links;
  • audit compliance content reviewed by an experienced external expert; and
  • interactive decision trees to assist auditors with determining the scope of an engagement and other complex areas.

Comprehensive commentary, guidance and tools are linked to each other and to the underlying standards and requirements.

Existing users of Croner-i audit tools and commentaries now have access to the related areas of Navigate Audit and a mapping guide is also available here. If you have any queries please contact our Client Experience team on 0800 231 5199 or contact our client experience team by email 


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