Accountancy Daily CPD

Subscribing to Accountancy Daily will assist you in fulfilling and tracking your annual CPD requirements.

As a subscriber, each month you will be able to build up your CPD hours by reading selected technical commentary and analysis articles throughout the website and completing Accountancy Daily CPD.

Your activities will be tracked and recorded into your Accountancy Daily CPD Tracker, an easy to use system allowing you to:

  • Track your activity from your CCH Daily inc Accountancy Live subscription
  • Earn 15 minutes of CPD on selected articles and the time spent viewing CPD modules
  • Download your CPD activity and keep as a record for employers and professional bodies
  • Record three years of CPD history
  • Add CPD activity from your Croner-i eCPD subscription to your Accountancy Daily CPD Tracker

The CPD tracker will allow you to track and keep a record of CPD accumulated from reading technical commentary and analysis articles from the Tax, Audit, Accounting and Insight sections of Accountancy Daily, as well as completed CPD training modules.

Click here to view the latest CPD Modules covering the most important technical issue covering tax, accounting, FRS 102 and audit.

To make the most of Accountancy Daily, make sure you track all your reading and learning using your personalised CPD Tracker. Record your learning online and then download an Excel file for your personal records to ensure you track all your completed CPD. 

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