Corbyn urges politicians to follow his lead on tax return release

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has published his 2017/18 tax return and is calling for other leading politicians to follow his example and release details of their earnings and tax payments

According to the return Corbyn earned a total of £132,611 over the year. This was made up of his MP salary of £79,807, plus a public office payment of £43,717 for his role as leader of the opposition.  In addition, Corbyn received £6,648 in state pension payments and a Unison pension of £2,434 for the year.

He paid a total of £46,074 in tax. The return included a self assessment tax payment of £6,442, which was described as ‘to settle outstanding balance due to an administrative error that has been amended accordingly’. 

Corbyn’s return shows he held no other paid positions, stocks or shares, benefited from no trust funds (including blind trusts), did not receive any income from property, and carried out no other paid work during this period. He did make gift aid donations totalling £1,075.

Corbyn said: ‘I believe that if we aim to reform our tax system to be more transparent, then politicians must lead by example. This is why I have published my tax return for the fourth time since becoming leader of the Labour party.

‘In government, Labour will crack down on the scourge of tax avoidance and evasion and will put full transparency at the heart of our programme.’

Labour shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has also released his tax return. In the 2017/18 tax year, he received a total income of £92,036 including £69,355 of MP’s pay, £7,992 in state pension payments and £14,743 from other pensions. From this income a total of £25,5331 was deducted in income tax of which £26 is repayable.

Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return is here.

John McDonnell’s tax return is here.

Report by Pat Sweet

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