Cooper Parry settles dispute with Barclays

East Midlands practice Cooper Parry has settled its dispute with Barclays Bank.

The firm, which ranks at 28 in the Accountancy Top 60, is believed to have benefited from a substantial out-of-court payment.

Cooper Parry had taken Barclays to court after the bank had threatened to use the 'Now there's a thought' slogan which the practice had adopted in 2001.

Colin Shaw, Cooper Parry chairman, said: 'This matter is now completely resolved from our perspective and we will be taking no further action.

Barclays has acted rapidly to address our concerns in this matter and at the end of the day we accept that no harm was intended. We can all now get back to what we do best - helping our clients achieve their business goals.'

At the time that Cooper Parry went to court to seek an injunction, the firm's chief executive Jeremy Bowler said: 'Barclays has made no attempt to recognise the magnitude of the impact on our business. I am simply devastated that a bank that purports to have such a high regard for its corporate responsibilities should act in this way. We are left with no choice but to stand and fight to protect our business.'

Barclays is now using the 'Now there's a thought' message in its current campaign.

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