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The British Red Cross has appointed KPMG to conduct a 'robust and vigorous' investigation into all finances and accounts relating to the charity's Simple Truth project.

The project, which was spearheaded by the former Tory chairman Lord Archer, was set up in 1991 to raise funds for Iraqi-Kurds.

An estimated £57m was raised, but what happened to the money is currently being investigated by the Fraud Squad at the request of Baroness Nicholson, after allegations were made that 'millions of pounds' went missing from it.

The Red Cross told Radio 4's programme last month that the total sum was raised worldwide for the project and not by Archer alone. It said that governments, aid agencies and others had contributed to the total amount. It added that, as a charity, it had control over just £2.2m of the fund and that Lord Archer had 'no control'.

The Red Cross will not comment further on the matter until KPMG's report is published. Then, it says 'there will be total transparency'.

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