Companies House clarifies filing periods for confirmation statements

Companies House has updated guidance for company confirmation statements with more information about filing and payment periods

Every company, including dormant and non-trading companies, have to file an annual confirmation statement, confirming the information at Companies House is up to date, including any changes to directors and company secretary, people with significant control (PSC) and the company’s registered office address. This is required even if there have been no changes over the review period.

There are also financial reporting requirements, including details of any changes to the standard industrial classification code (SIC) code, describing the nature of the business, a statement of capital, trading status of shares, exemption from keeping a PSC register and shareholder information.

If a statement is filed early at any time prior to the renewal date, it will start a new 12-month review period.

The statement must be filed within 14 days of the end of the review period, otherwise the company and officers may be prosecuted, and the company can be struck off the register. Forms can be filed online, although Companies House still accepts paper forms with a premium charge of £40, compared with the online cost of £13.

The payment period is separate from the review period and is every 12 months from:

  • the date the company incorporated (newer companies); and
  • the date annual fee (older companies) was last paid.

As this is a single annual charge, information can be updated for free throughout the year by filing further confirmation statements during the payment period.

A new fee is payable when a company reaches the anniversary of its 12-month payment period, and this date cannot be changed.

The total register size at the end of March 2019 was 4,202,044, an increase of 4.2% compared with year end March 2018. Over the last year, the number of new companies registered fell by 4.2% compared with 5.8% average growth over the previous five years.

However, there were 672,890 company incorporations in 2018-19, up 8.5% compared to last year, the highest number of incorporations since 2009-10. Nearly as many companies were dissolved, with 508,865 company closure, up 3.7% and the most failures since the recession in 2009.

Companies House guidance: filing company’s confirmation statement

Sara White| 06-08-2019

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