Climate change protesters spray red paint at Treasury

Activists from Extinction Rebellion have splattered the Treasury with red dye as they lost control of a fire engine hose during a demonstration in Whitehall today

The group of climate change protestors from Extinction Rebellion were demonstrating against government policy on the environment and use of fossil fuels as they drove the fire engine into position draped with banners stating 'Stop funding climate death'.

As part of the demo activists were sitting on top of the fire engine and started spraying dyed water at the white stucco walls of the Treasury building on Horseguards Road. After a few seconds, the powerful fire engine hose took on a life of its own and ended up spraying the outside of the Treasury building and surrounding road and pavements with 1,800 litres of red dyed water, which looked like blood.

‘People doing stupid things like this, totally undermine the debate put forward by people who genuinely want to address climate change,’ James Cleverly, chairman of the Conservative Party wrote on Twitter after the attack.

Several protesters were arrested by the police.

The main entrance to the Chancellor’s offices in Downing Street were unaffected by the demonstration as there is gated security at both ends of the street.

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