CIOT approaches 1,000 graduate mark for international tax diploma

CIOT has announced that nearly 1,000 tax professionals have completed its advanced diploma in international taxation (ADIT), following the latest round of exams in December 2018

The ADIT qualification is now held by 985 tax practitioners in 76 countries and territories, including i the first graduates in Chile, Zambia and Zimbabwe. A total of 206 students have completed ADIT in the last 12 months.

A record 944 students sat ADIT exams in 2018, compared to 884 students in 2017 and 750 in 2016. A total of 505 students sat ADIT exams in December 2018, with exams taking place in 50 cities around the world; new ADIT exam locations included Bangkok, Thailand and Maseru, Lesotho. Of these 505 students, 316 students passed at least one exam.

Those who complete the ADIT, which was launched in 2014, are entitled to put the designatory letters 'ADIT' after their name and have the opportunity to become an international tax affiliate of CIOT.

Ray McCann, CIOT president, said: ‘ADIT exams are designed to be challenging because they address an ever-changing international tax landscape. They test students’ ability to apply their understanding of complex tax concepts across a variety of subject areas and scenarios.

‘As the international tax world continues to change, we are committed to further development of ADIT, and 2019 will witness more milestones including the first sitting of our new banking module in June 2019, and the introduction of a second yearly sitting for our popular Cyprus option in December.

‘The increasing success of ADIT means that the CIOT is building upon its position as the leading professional body for tax professionals in the UK and seen increasingly as the premier professional organisation for international tax specialists worldwide.’

More information about ADIT here.

Report by Pat Sweet

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