Charity Commission highlights 31 October annual return deadline

The Charity Commission has issued a reminder that the deadline for submitting a charity’s 2017 annual return is 31 October if the charity has a 12-month accounting period

The regulator says that, while thousands of charities have already filed their annual returns, there are still many that have not. Charities need to submit their annual return for 2017 before they can do the return for 2018.

The Commission warns that if a charity has not filed its return, it runs the risk of trying to file nearer to the deadline, potentially without the correct information or the password needed to access the service.

Not filing on time means a charity will go into default and that information will be displayed to the public on the charity register.

The Commission is also highlighting that the 2018 annual return will include new questions which charities can view before logging in to send their annual return, and which may require some to make changes to their financial systems to capture the necessary data.

This includes more information about staff salaries and benefits, and about income from outside the UK. Charities will be required to provide a breakdown of sources of income from each country a charity receives funds from. These questions will be mandatory from 2019 onwards.

Guidance Prepare a charity annual return is here

Send a charity's annual return is here

Report by Pat Sweet

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