Accounting / Charity accounts part 3: SoFA presentation and disclosures

This article, the third in our series on charity accounts, will focus on the objectives of charities’ Statement of Financial Activities (SoFA), outlining what information is included, and what information should be disclosed under FRS 102 SORP

Insight / Serious financial failings at unregistered charity

The Charity Commission has found serious failings at an unregistered charity whose trustees failed to account for significant sums of charitable funds donated to it, and which has now ceased to operate

Insight / Charity Commission double defaulter inquiry brings £25m to account

The Charity Commission has accounted for some £25m of charity income as a result of its pre-inquiry and class inquiry work into ‘double defaulter’ charities in the past year

Insight / Charity Commission advises on setting up a charity

The Charity Commission has published advice on what to consider when starting a charity, including a set of guidelines and requirements, and legal restrictions on an organisation's aims and operations

Insight / Military charity’s financial controls rebuilt by regulator

A military charity, which was under investigation over concerns about poor financial controls, has been successfully reconstructed as a result of a Charity Commission inquiry that facilitated the appointment of new trustees and the adoption of stronger governance

Accounting / Charity accounts Part 2: annual report and disclosures

This article, the second in our series on charity accounts, will focus on what information should be included in the trustees; annual report as well as outlining compulsory and optional disclosure requirements

Insight / Charity Commission appoints interim manager to school charity

The Charity Commission has announced the appointment of an interim manager to Hope House School Limited and will continue to carry out it inquiry following concerns about the charity’s governance and administration

Tax / VAT126 guidance for VAT refunds for charities updated

HMRC has issued VAT126 guidance for charities and local authorities on how to claim a VAT refund when the organisation is not registered for VAT

Insight / Military charity wound up over regulatory concerns

The Charity Commission has ordered a military charity to wind up after an investigation report highlighted serious regulatory concerns over ‘wholly offensive and inappropriate’ materials and comments, as well as governance failings relating to fundraising

Accounting / Regulator warns on charities’ public benefit reporting

The Charity Commission is warning that too many charities are still failing to report adequately about what they do and how they spend their money, after its latest monitoring reviews of trustees’ annual reports and accounts showed only a modest improvement in the quality of public reporting

Accounting / Charity accounts Part 1: framework and scope

This article, the first in our series on charity accounts, will focus on the framework of charity regulation and accounts outlining which charities are exempt from filing and audit examinations and providing details on Statements of Recommended Practice (SORP)

Insight / FRP Advisory partners made interim managers at education charities

Geoff Carton-Kelly and Tom McLennan, partners with FRP Advisory, have been appointed as joint interim managers at two educational charities, after the Charity Commission identified serious regulatory concerns about their financial affairs

Insight / Official warning for RSPCA over governance failures

The RSPCA has been rapped over the knuckles by the Charity Commission, which has issued the charity with an official warning after finding that a group of trustees failed to ensure they were sufficiently informed before making a reported six-figure settlement offer to the former acting chief executive

Insight / Regulator shuts military charity over fundraising concerns

The Charity Commission has signalled its intention to wind up Support the Heroes, following the conclusions of its investigation into complaints relating to the veterans charity’s fundraising activities

Insight / Investigation into finances of Christian rehab charity

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into Livingstone House Mother of the Harvest Ministries over concerns about misconduct or mismanagement with regards to the administration of the charity