CFE Global Tax Top 10 May 2021

Released 07 June 2021

The Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE) has published its monthly Global Tax Top 10 round-up of international tax policy news of wider relevance for tax advisers.

The May 2021 issue looks at the following:

EU sets out new corporate tax reform proposals;

OECD to introduce cryptocurrency reporting by end 2021;

US Senate reservations on Biden’s tax proposals;

UN releases updated transfer pricing manual;

OECD publishes inheritance tax report;

Tax Inspectors Without Borders mobilises over 1 Billion USD in tax revenues for developing countries;

EU Commission proposes new regulation to address distortion by foreign subsidies in Single Market;

OECD publishes Taxing Wages 2021 Report;

European Union launches EU Tax Observatory; and

Tax Transparency in Africa Report 2021.

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