HMRC issue TIIN on customs procedures

Released 10 September 2020

HMRC have issued a tax information and impact note (TIIN) concerning a number of targeted legislative changes that will allow customs procedures to continue to operate efficiently at the end of the transition period and to make it easier for businesses to access a duty deferment account.

The changes include:

changes to the guarantee requirements for duty deferment to make it easier for compliant and solvent importers to defer import duty;

an authorisation framework to allow parcel operators and other traders to continue to declare multiple consignments of low value parcels in a single customs declaration;

making sure domestic regulations for recovering import debt and other liabilities for goods admitted temporarily to the UK maintain alignment with relevant conventions to which the UK is a signatory; and

extending customs rules for presentation of goods unloaded and reloaded from a vessel or aircraft so that they also apply to goods on board trains arriving from the EU, thereby removing liability to import duty and maintaining current operational practice.

View UK Transition: The Customs (Bulk Customs Declaration and Miscellaneous Amendments) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020.

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