European Commission February Infringements package: Key decisions

Released 12 February 2020

The European Commission has published its monthly package of infringement decisions summarising action against member states for failing to comply with obligations under EU law.

Key decisions on affecting Taxation and Customs Union include:

Referrals to the European Court of Justice

Taxation: Commission refers Portugal to the Court for failing to amend discriminatory legislation on car registration tax

Letters of formal notice

Taxation: Commission requests Latvia to amend discriminatory car taxation rules

Taxation: Commission requests Germany to exchange information regarding so-called “call-off stock arrangements”

Anti-Money Laundering: Commission urges 8 Member States to transpose the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive

Additional letter of formal notice

Taxation: Commission sends an additional letter of formal notice to Malta for not levying the correct amount of Value Added Tax on yachts

View the February 2020 infringements package: key decisions here.

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