European taskforce opens dialogue on climate-related reporting

Released 19 July 2019

The European Lab Project Task Force, which is part of EFRAG, has opened dialogue with users, preparers and other interested stakeholders on climate-related reporting.

The dialogue to be facilitated by the European Lab Project Task Force, will be conducting interviews between 45 minutes and an hour with all interested parties between September and October 2019.

The task force is looking for interested parties with experience or insights in:

Representatives from companies that report on climate risk and opportunities;

Investors, analysts and lenders whose capital allocation decisions are informed by corporate reporting information;

Other users of corporate reporting information including civil service; or

Other experts with insights on climate-related reporting information including auditors, academics, consultancy firms and think tanks.

The Company Reporting service of Croner-i, has recently issued a report that looks at the climate-related disclosures included in a sample of UK listed company reports.

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