Secretary of state issues letter to academy trusts

Released 19 July 2019

The Chief Executive of the Education and Skills Funding Agency, Eileen Milner, has issued a letter to the accounting officers of academy trusts.

The letter sets out that the new edition of the Academies Financial Handbook which was published in June 2019, is effective from 1 September 2019 for the next academic year. The Chief Executive has highlighted the following areas that academy trusts should consider:

internal scrutiny – more detailed information has been included on how a trust must check this, and provides guidance for a trusts audit committee;

requirement to submit internal scrutiny reports to ESFA by 31 December 2019;

ensure that the trusts risk register is up to date;

ensure that contact details for the academy are up to date on the department’s Get information about school (GIAS) system;

The letter also sets out that information is included in the latest Academies Accounts Direction, and that the department has laid out a number of good practice guides.

Croner-i has recently released the latest version of Academies Audit System, which is fully updated for the financial years ended 31 August 2019. The system provides everything needed to audit the accounts of an academy.

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