SI 2019/1057 - The Non-Contentious Probate (Amendment) Rules 2019

Released 27 June 2019

SI 2019/1057 amends SI 1987/2024 to provide for an online applications process from 1 October 2019.

The Non-Contentious Probate (Amendment) Rules 2019 amend the Non-Contentious Probate Rules 1987 (SI 1987/2024). The amendments provide that applications made through a solicitor or probate practitioner may be made online under SI 1987/2024, r. 4A (online procedure for applications through solicitors or probate practitioners) without the need for an invitation from a registry, allowing for an online process for such applications, which has been piloted, to be introduced more widely. The amendments also provide for the procedure an applicant must follow when making an online application through a solicitor or probate practitioner, in place of the previous requirement that the applicant must follow instructions given by the registry. The amendments further correct a typographical error in SI 1987/2024, r. 5ZA and an earlier defective amendment to the heading of SI 1987/2024, r. 5A, and make consequential amendments and transitional and savings provision. The regulations come into force on 1 October 2019.

The document is available here.

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