HMRC designates Barbados Stock Exchange as recognised stock exchange

Released 12 April 2019

HMRC have designated the Barbados Stock Exchange as a recognised stock exchange under ITA 2007, s. 1005(1)(b), with effect from 2 April 2019.

Designated recognised stock exchanges lists those stock exchanges which are recognised stock exchanges for the purposes of the Income Tax Act 2007, s. 1005. The term ‘recognised stock exchange’ occurs throughout the Taxes Acts and in various tax regulations (e.g. it is used in the definition of investments which may be held in Individual Savings Accounts). HMRC will consider the designation of a stock exchange as a recognised stock exchange under ITA 2007, s. 1005 on receipt of a request made by a stock exchange. The list has been updated to include the Barbados Stock Exchange classifying securities admitted to trading and listed on the Junior market, International Securities Market (ISM) and Fixed Income Market as meeting the HMRC definition of ‘listed’ as set out in ITA 2007, s. 1005(3).

View the updated list at Designated recognised stock exchanges.

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