VAT Notice 728 New means of transport updated

Released 13 March 2019

HMRC have updated VAT Notice 728 to reflect a new postal address.

VAT Notice 728 New means of transport (13 March 2019) explains how to account for VAT on ships, aircraft and land vehicles. The notice has been updated for postal addresses in section 3.4 Notify HMRC about a NMT ship or an aircraft you’ve brought to the UK, section 9.5 Where to send the completed form VAT411, and section 4.1 Claiming relief from VAT when you bring NMT back to the UK as a returning member of the NATO forces or civilian staff. The forms needed to claim relief from VAT have also been updated in section 4.1. This notice cancels and replaces the version last updated April 2013.

View the updated notice New means of transport (VAT Notice 728).

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