WRA updates tax management system

Released 05 March 2019

The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) has made two changes to its tax management system affecting the way information is input into returns.

(i)Removal of the lease section

The WRA has removed the ‘about the lease’ section from the LTT return from 1 March 2019 as this information is not required. LTT is still payable on leases and the necessary information is captured in the ‘about the calculation’ section of the LTT return. The WRA is not changing the filing window for LTT. This will remain at 30 days from the day after the effective day (usually the completion date).

(ii)Contract and effective date

Responding to feedback, the WRA is introducing a new feature to cover the contract and effective date. It will now be possible to complete the LTT return in draft without a contract and effective date, including the tax calculation, and to include the date later. This new feature will be available from 14 March 2019.

For more information, see Welsh Revenue Authority tax management system improvements.

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