SI 2019/189 - The Education (Student Loans) (Repayment) (Amendment) Regulations 2019

Released 07 February 2019

SI 2019/189 amends SI 2009/470 to make provision for student loan repayment via employer deduction for the 2019/20 tax year.

The Education (Student Loans) (Repayment) (Amendment) Regulations 2019 amend the Education (Student Loans) (Repayment) Regulations 2009 (SI 2009/470), which make provision for the repayment of income-contingent student loans in England and Wales. The amendments makes provision for when an amount paid by a borrower via deductions by their employer is considered to have been paid by the borrower and received by the Authority; provides for apportionments of the relevant repayment thresholds to be used in place of the repayment thresholds by the Authority when dividing repayments between loans for those borrowers repaying via deductions by their employer; and makes provision for the calculation of interest in the final year of repayment of borrowers who repay via deductions by their employer. The amendments come into force on 6 April 2019.

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