European Commission January infringements package: key decisions

Released 24 January 2019

The European Commission has published its monthly package of infringement decisions summarising action against member states for failing to comply with obligations under EU law.

Key decisions on Taxation and Customs Union include:

Commission refers GERMANY to the Court for its failure to align with EU rules on VAT refunds;

Commission refers the UNITED KINGDOM to the Court for its failure to comply with VAT rules for certain commodity markets;

Commission refers ITALY to the Court of Justice of the EU for its preferential treatment of property registration tax;

Commission requests that FRANCE bring tax rules related to personal care services and help at home in line with EU law;

Commission calls on GERMANY to align its rules with EU law regarding the flat-rate VAT scheme applied to farmers;

Commission requests GERMANY to change restrictive exit tax provisions on capital gains tax;

Commission calls on PORTUGAL to align its tax rules regarding the sale of real estate by non-residents;

Commission urges ROMANIA to comply with EU law in refunding unduly charged car registration taxes;

Commission calls on the UNITED KINGDOM to bring its income tax rules in line with EU law;

Commission requests that the UNITED KINGDOM align its rules on tax relief for loans to traders;

Commission calls again on HUNGARY to bring its road transport control system into line with EU rules;

Commission urges HUNGARY to align tax rates on cigarettes with the minimum EU threshold;

Commission requests that POLAND amend its legislation on VAT for excise goods facilitated by consignees;

Commission requests that PORTUGAL modify its legislation on car taxation;

Commission requests that ROMANIA modify its legislation on customs debt;

the Commission asks SPAIN to abolish unduly restrictive conditions for tax deferrals in case of divisions of companies;

Commission requests that SPAIN amend rules on country-by-country reporting by multinational companies;

Commission closes case for CZECHIA, GREECE, and POLAND.

For more information, see January infringements package: key decisions.

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