House of Commons Library briefing papers: Devolution in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Released 16 November 2018

The House of Commons Library has published two briefing papers examining devolution in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"The settled will"? Devolution in Scotland, 1998-2018 examines, first, the constitutional status quo in Scotland, then developments in its devolution settlement since the Scotland Act 1998 received Royal Assent on 19 November 1998. It then looks at, in turn, the amending Scotland Act 2012 and the subsequent Scotland Act 2016, which followed the 2014 independence referendum and again made significant changes to the Scottish Parliament’s fiscal and welfare powers. It concludes by examining the impact of Brexit upon devolution in Scotland.

Devolution in Northern Ireland, 1998-2018 sets out the devolution settlement in Northern Ireland as it stands (and when fully functioning), before revisiting the Belfast Agreement of 1998 and charting subsequent legislation and political events over the past two decades.

View the briefing papers at:

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