HMRC consultation: The taxation of trusts - a review

Released 7 November 2018

HMRC have published a consultation document setting out the principles for taxing trusts and seeking views and evidence on reform in line with them.

The taxation of trusts: a review sets out the principles that the Government believes should underpin the taxation of trusts – transparency, fairness and simplicity. It seeks views and evidence on the extent to which the status quo aligns with these principles, giving examples of areas where the Government believes the status quo may not meet them fully at present. It also seeks views and evidence on the case for and against reform to these or other areas. The consultation closes at 11:45pm on 30 January 2019. Responses can be submitted by email to: or by writing to:

Trusts Tax Reforms Consultation Assets and Residence Team
100 Parliament Street

View the Open consultation The of taxation of trusts: a review.

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