LITRG advice for individuals affected by the 2019 loan charge

Released 13 September 2018

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has issued online guidance for individuals affected by the 2019 loan charge on where to find help.

The article explains that HMRC are taking action (the April 2019 loan charge) against certain loan arrangements (disguised remuneration’ schemes) that were designed to avoid tax, leaving many workers with potentially huge bills to pay. HMRC appreciate that not everyone entered into these arrangements knowingly to avoid tax. Indeed, some agency workers may have had little choice to participate in such schemes, if they wanted to work. The news article sets out where individuals who may be finding it difficult to understand what is happening or who are worried about how they will pay back any tax owed can find help.

View the article Are you affected by the 2019 ‘loan charge’? Help is available.

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