Scottish Parliament votes against EU Withdrawal Bill

Released 15 May 2018

The Scottish Parliament has confirmed that legislative consent will not be given to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill as it currently stands.

Through the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, the vast majority of EU powers in devolved areas will go straight from Brussels to Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff, however, a small number of specific policy areas will be frozen while new common arrangements are designed and implemented meaning the UK Government will be able to prevent the Scottish Parliament from legislating in these areas. The vote in the Scottish Parliament follows the recommendation of the Finance and Constitution Committee in its report published on 10 May 2018: Report on European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Supplementary LCM. The Scottish Parliament Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe Michael Russell has urged the UK Government to remove the parts of the EU Withdrawal Bill that constrain devolved powers.

For more information, see UK Government must respect the will of Parliament – Minister.

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